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Gippsland is a place of paradox.

With beautiful beaches to the south, mountains to the north, lakes, rolling green hills, food and wine, Gippsland has it all.

But it is vulnerable to global warming.  Rising sea levels would threaten beaches, warmer winters will shorten the ski season, and drought could cut agricultural production.

It is also at the leading edge of causing global warming.  Forests were cut down long ago, reducing carbon sinks.  The land was turned over to cattle grazing for highly efficient milk production - but methane emissions from cows also cause global warming.  And then there is cheap, abundant brown coal which powers the Latrobe Valley electricity generators and pumps even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per watt of electricity than black coal.


Gippsland is a litmus test for the world.  The extent to which industries are converted to a more sustainable basis in Gippsland will indicate the prospects for global success in reducing greenhouse gasses.

by Charlie Nelson
July 2008

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