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Lake Eyre

Central Australia












Once in about a decade, heavy rains in tropical northern Australia flood the inland water ways and Lake Eyre, hundreds of kilometres to the south.  When this happens, the desert briefly explodes with both plant and animal life.  These photos are from the 2009 flood, as it was receding in August.  Lake Eyre did not fill - that last happened in 1974 and is a once in fifty year event.  But as you can see, the lake and its surrounds were very beautiful.


Button daisies bring glorious colour to the area around the Diamantina river.

by Charlie Nelson
August 2009


Lake Eyre has received water again in 2010 and 2011, which were the second and third wettest years recorded in Australia.  The photo below shows pink water which is caused by algae producing beta carotene pigment.




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